Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Morning

Me, Mick and Ammon going to church, Ammon was trying a new hair style and went from a suit jacket to his daddy's suspenders, he's such a handsome young man.We love him so very much,he's our little man.

Ammon And Cory Playing XBOX 360

The Miles Family

Driveway,Blooming Pear Trees

Wedding Of Joan and Darryl

This is my little sister and her husband Darryl,they got hitched in Tennessee.Joan is finally happy,Darryl is really a sweet guy,and he loves my little sister bunches and bunches.And I love boyh of them,hope they come to visit soon.


Our house from afar,Mick stood way back to get a shot of our house,it looks so small that far back.

My daughter and family

What a beautiful little family I love and miss them so much

Teah and Jason with girls

What a beautiful little family Teah and Jason have,I love them so much and can't wait til they come home, all of them.


This is where we live ,for now anyway it's up for sale,it's a nice little house.


Momma's little baby, Ammon is my pride and joy,I love him so much he's a great young man.


My cool husband whom I love dearly.Isn't he cute in his sun glasses.


This is me on the stairwell

Madi and Peyton

My Beautiful little grandchildern,Nana loves and misses them dearly.

My Children

I'm still trying to figure this out

Mick and Kate

This is a beautiful day we spent at the temple with Brandon and Cassi when they got sealed for time and all eternity.We were so thrilled for our son and Cassi.