Thursday, May 29, 2008

The McArthur Family

This is my dear friend Amy and her awesome family she is the best at whatever she does,shes a great friend and I miss her so much,she was my painting partner at Southern Virginia University,her Husband ain't so bad either,Cody is a good friend also we all had so much fun together,me and Amy ,Cody and Shaun we had fun,of course Amy and I done most of the work.I miss you guys so much thanks Amy for sending me an email,and a picture of your family.Nicholas and Emma are beautiful children,but of course look at their mother

Robert's Graduation

More pics of the girls with uncle Noodle.
Brandon getting kisses from Peyton and Madi,their uncle Noodle loves them so much,it was so great having them home .

Brandon with Madi and Peyton the girls are loved so much

Teah,Ammon, Madi and Peyton we love the girls so much the house isn't the same without them.

Our Last Evening With Teah

Brandon,Dad,Ammon,Teah, and Mom we had such a wonderful time with Teah ,Madi and Peyton,I can;t wait till their next visit.It was hard to see her leave,butshe had to get back to Arizona,I think she missed her friends and her life there.I hope Jenny knows how lucky she is to have Teah in her life ,Teah is a great friend to have and she thinks the world of Jenny and her family.
Teah, Dad, Mom, Brandon, and Ammon

this is first time we have taken a family picture in a long time,I am so proud of my children

Cassi Teah and Mom laughing alot,the girls are so fun to be with,I love Cassi and Teah so much.

I love my girls,we had a good time with Teah

Cassi Teah and Mom just goofy around,we were having so much fun.

ahhhhh aint they sweet

Teah getting some kisses from her brothers,we are going to miss her

My 3 beautiful children,it was great having Teah home.

Brandon Teah and Ammon caught off guard,looks like Teah was the only one ready for her picture.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cassi's Graduation

Cassi and her dad Randy

Cassi and her mom Tina at Cassi's graduation

This is my son Brandon and his wife Cassi at her graduation at Dabney Lancaster Community College.

This is Joan Darryl Megan and the girls.

This is Teah and Joan sitting in the swing at our old house.I love my little sister This is me and Joan wonder whats so funny for Teah to have that big smile on her face.

Nana Madi and Peyton

The dinner table isn't just for eating at Nana's house it's for whatever the girls want to to on it Madi was doing such cute poses on it, that I thuoght it would make for some cute pictures was I right or what.

Here we are watching TV while mommy takes a nap,even mommy needs a nap every now and again,doesn't Teah look sweet there taking her nap.

Here we are sitting on the stairwell of our old house,yes while Teah and the girls are home we moved again.

Here Madi and Peyton are posing on the table,aren't they just the cutiest girls ever. I love them so much,i'll be sad when they leave .Thank goodness pictures and memories,but nothing beats having them right here with me and Grandpa.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Madi Napping

This is little sweet Madison taking a nap on the front porch at Nana,s house,doesn,t she look so peaceful,Madison is loved so much by her Nana and Grandpa.She is just the sweetest little girl.We are so thankful for our grandchildren.

Sweet Little Peyton

This is little Miss Peyton,she is just so cute,she is Nana,s little sweet heart and is loved so much by her Nana and Grandpa.

Nothing like a little security blanket to keep the girls happy

Nothing in the world like family.

This is my beautiful daughter Teah,I love her so much,I'm so thankful that I have been able to spend so much time with her and her little ones.

My Beautiful Teah

MMMMMM,A Chocolate Cone

Enjoying Icecream

Brandon and Madison enjoying their icecream cone,looks yummy